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Due to its landlocked geographic location, Lao PDR is dependent on imports of fossil fuels from neighboring countries. The purchase of fossil fuels puts considerable pressure on the trade balance and the country’s foreign reserves. Additionally, fossil fuels contribute to the increase of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere and global warning.

For Lao PDR, it is considered to be a major challenge to decrease the country’s dependency on foreign fuel imports as well as to mitigate climate change. LIRE has amongst the largest biofuel research team in this region, working on technology and policy areas and advising on sustainable local fuel strategies. Since 2006, LIRE has been working with the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) on biofuels policies national standards and biofuels pilots.

Project:Detailed viability study of decentralised small scale biodiesel production in Lao PDR and first pilot implementation (EEP 2-L-106)
Duration:2011 – 2013
Province:All the country
Project Partner / Donors:EEP Mekong,
FACT Netherlands,
Lao-State Fuel Company
Project Description: LIRE aimed at demonstrating if the share of the goverment 10 % target could be met with small scale cultivation of oil feedstocks. The study included:
1) an evaluation of the capacity to grow a diverse range of oil feedstock crops for local biodiesel processing integrated into local agricultural production systems
2) the development and dissemination of analytical tools required to evaluate individual district biofuel potential
3) the establishment of a pilot biodiesel processing plant in partnership with a local entrepreneur trained to demonstrate the viability of producing international standard quality biodiesel from locally grown oil feedstocks.
The study concluded that oil feedstocks crops was not relevant for local biodiesel production. Waste cooking oil (WCO) appeared as an interesting and cost effective solution (pilot biodiesel factory built with production capacity of 1,000 litres/month from collected WCO from few small restaurants in Vientiane).
Project:Rural Electrification through Straight Vegetable Oil
Duration:2009 – 2012
Province:Luang Prabang
Project Partner / Donors:Fondation Energies pour le Monde (FONDEM)
Project Description: The objectives of the study commissioned by the Fondation Energies pour le Monde was, to investigate the possible use of biofuel for rural electrification projects in sustainable and high environmental quality conditions. The study was break down in 3 main parts:
1) Identification of 2 villages adapted to develop pilot electrification operations
2) Analysis and implementation of 2 functional electricity producing and distributing infrastructures of capacitiy 5-12 kW (mix solar and vegetable oil power)
3) Learning form the demonstrations porjects and paving the way for the reproductibility of the process.
Project:Poverty Environment Initiative (PEI) Lao PDR, Issue Brief 05/2010: Investments in biofuels
Province:All the country
Project Partner / Donors:IUCN,
Project Description: The objectives of the missions were to carry out summary briefs (in English and Lao languages) on local policy changes and options allowing:
- the development and investment in biofuels in Lao PDR.
- the transformation of the Lao economy towards a sustainable pro-poor development path
Project:Biofuel Assessment Policy
Province:All the country
Project Partner / Donors:MEM
Project Description: The study commissioned by the Departement of Electricity (under the Ministry of Energy and Mines) aimed to assess and evaluate the status of biofuels and potential of development in the Lao PDR; in order to reduce diesel import by 2020.
The study (made up 3 parts) included recommendations on "National Biofuel Policy" drafted by the Government.
Project:Policy brief on Jatropha, Cultivation Manual, Decision-making Manual
Province:Vientiane Province
Project Partner / Donors:Laos Extension for Agriculture Project (LEAP),
Project Description: The objectives of the study were to give a brief overview of Jatropha development in Lao PDR, Design a cultivation manual and a Decision-making manual before planting for farmers (Lao language).
Project:Suggestion policy document on biofuel promotion and development in Lao PDR
Province:All the country
Project Partner / Donors:MEM,
Project Description: The objectives of the study were to provide biofuel initiatives on-going in Lao PDR (field survey) and current legal framework to the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO) analysis of the fossil fuel consumption, in order to:
  • Stimulate an exchange of knowledge within key stakeholders involved in the field,
  • Contribute to the implementation of an enabling policy and regulatory framework for the development of biofuel in Lao PDR,
  • Suggest strategic orientations that would assure the viability of such policy.
  • 2013: Biodiesel Processing Manual - PDF (2,10 MB)
  • 2013: Biodiesel process study and processing Final report - PDF (2,39 MB)
  • 2013: Producing power from Biodiesel waste products Final report - PDF (2,93 MB)
  • 2013: Technical Recommendations for the Establishment of a Sustainable Biodiesel Sector in Lao PDR - PDF (800 KB)
  • 2012: Jatropha oil degumming and stability testing procedures - PDF (670 KB)
  • 2012: Jatropha oil and biodiesel testing procedures - PDF (550 KB)
  • 2012: Jatropha oil treatments before trans-esterification - PDF (680 KB)
  • 2012: Biodiesel & Biogas project-activities - PDF (530 KB)
  • 2012: Laboratory Equipment - PDF (600 KB)
  • 2012: Biodiesel process from Jatropha oil - PDF (1,00 MB)
  • 2012: Some important facts about biodiesel standards - PDF (1,00 MB)
  • 2012: Processing Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas seeds - PDF (340 KB)
  • 2012: ESLAOS/ Preliminary Study to Implementation Final Report - PDF (3,61 MB)
  • 2011: ESLAOS/ Additional Viability Study – Methodology: Electrification by Straight Vegetable Oil (SV0) in Rural Lao PDR: Tools and Economic Analysis - PDF (1,25 MB)
  • 2011: Rapid Assessment of Small Scale Biofuel Market Potential in Lao PDR - PDF (3,66 MB)
  • 2010: Investments in biofuels - PDF (1,92 MB) / PDF Lao (570 KB)
  • 2010: Biofuel Development in the Lao PDR: Baseline Assessment and Policy Evaluation - PDF (510 KB)
  • 2010: Viability village-scale study for rural electrification by straight vegetable oils in Ban Bouampoh, Luang Prabang Province, Laos - PDF (980 KB)
  • 2010: Additional Study on the viability of rural electrification by straight vegetable oils in Ban Bouampoh, Luang Prabang Province, Laos - PDF (1,03 MB)
  • 2009: Biofuel Policy and Strategy Recommendations for Lao PDR - PDF (530 KB)
  • 2009: S t u d y of the Use of Biofuel for Rural Electrification in High Environmental Quality Conditions in Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR - PDF (1,40 MB)
  • 2009: Indicative requirements and recommendations to substitute 10% of fossil fuel with biofuels by 2020 - PDF (990 KB)
  • 2009: Policy Brief on Jatropha - PDF (700 KB) / PDF Lao (650 KB)
  • 2008: Suggestion policy document on biofuel promotion and development in Lao PDR - PDF (400 KB) / PDF Lao (250 KB)